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Cookies from stripe allow them to properly process credit card payment made on the site. Cookies from clubartizan allow our user to login to the site and to customize the cookies they want to remove.

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Google Analytic and Ahoy

Cookies from Google Analytic allow us to analize our website visit so we can better serve you. Your data is anonymized by Google.

We also collect anomized data on the server side with a tool call ahoy, so we can count individual visit to each seller store. We don't share this data with any third party.

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Google, Twitter, Facebook and Bing

We share data with Google, Twitter, Facebook and Bing, so we can send you personalized advertisement when you are visiting these sites. This is very helpful to us, budget wise.


Drift - It's power the chat functionality of the site.

We use drift service so we can allow our visitors to chat with us on the site. Drift collect data when you use the chat functionality.

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