Set of 3 Lemongrass and Lavender Handmade Soap


Citrus and lavender are the epitome of spa like scents. This homemade natural soap bar’s soft scent will leave you refreshed and relaxed after each use.The hidden gem of this bar is the incorporation of Sweet Almond Oil which help skin to stay moisturized. The lemon grass essential oil will help deodorize while the lavender essential oil works to calm and relax. 

You will be able to enjoy showers that leave your skin refreshed and hydrated without the residue from heavy chemicals or perfumes.


These soaps work well for those with all skin types as they are hydrating by natural ingredients. Soaps are free of animal products, preservatives, bleaches, and fillers. Bars are made in small batches leaving each bar unique in size.

Each soap weigh approximately 3.8 oz and this listing is for 3 bars of Lavender & Lemongrass Soap.

Directions for best use of Product:

Dry storage of this product should be in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight until ready for use.

In the shower or bath, it is best to store this product in a well-draining soap dish/tray away from running water. Lather onto a loofah or washcloth instead of rubbing directly on the skin for maximum results. This will allow for a good lather and less soap waste. 


Delivery: USA

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