An Ethical Marketplace.

It's hard to find high quality carfts online. For instance, is it really necessary to go trough million of listings until you find the one item you like.

This is the reason we made Club Artizan. To help you find high quality art and crafts around the world while making it easy for you to help the artist.

Our Social Mission.

Since 2010, I had this idea to start a marketplace for underserved artists as a way to help fight poverty. My main vision for the marketplace was to give underserved artists an opportunity to sell to a global market while helping them keep their fair share.

Our promises to you

If you decide to buy from us, these are our promises to you:

  • We will verified that our vendors are who their say they are.
  • We will be transparent with our profits and impacts.
  • We will curated for quality.
  • We will not sell mass produced items.
  • Privacy Notice

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